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"The Search For Messiah"

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Science, Apologetics

One of the most, if not the most solid sites on the "Intelligent Design" and Evolution.

The Discovery Institute is another one of the purely scientific apologetics material on the edge, run by a staff of top scientist and researches anywhere!

Site of Dr. Hugh Ross and other scholarls who work on reasons to believe ib the Bible, with backgrounds in Physics, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Philisophy, Theology... They have great many articles and audio good audio files for anybody interested in apologetics.

Good articles and audio material for study and outreach.

The Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration (BASE) Institute
is dedicated to the quest for archaeological evidence to help validate to the world that the Bible is true, and that it represents an accurate, non-fictional account of Godís will to bring the people of this world back into relationship with Him.

A physicist who searched for truth through Science, Archeology and Geophysics and found the answer only in Jesus Christ! Good technical info. Large library of articles, and RealAudio files.

The website of Dr. Mark Eastman, a medical doctor and former agnostic who set out disprove Christianity, and ended up giving his life to Jesus!  Very scholarly.   Great technical info.

Would you like to see how the wonders of science undeniably support the Bible, or would you like to know whether or not science can credibly challenge your faith in evolution?


Bible Study Resources

CARM is a well documented and easy to use website on Christianity, cults, Doctrine, the Bible, New Age, and much more.

Threshold is one of the most complete and foundational sites on apologetics and theology, with good research and thousands of articles from very good authorities in Christianity.


Great ministry of Chuck and Nancy Missler!Very thought provoking and clarifying many aspects of our history, culture, science, cults and so forth for a a student in expanding their horizons.

Politics, Current Events, International

This is the site of John Ankerberg, an author, speaker and accomplished apologist dedicated to exposing the truth behind the teachings of many cults and New Age beliefs to be found in our society today.